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Our web based volunteer tracking system enables organizations to leverage the power of the Internet to more effectively recruit, coordinate, and manage volunteers.

In recent years there has been a growing shift in the software industry. The idea of "software as a service" (SaaS) hosted by "application service providers" (ASPs) has taken hold. Software solutions in many markets – including volunteer management - are shifting to this model.
How come?
There are at least three important advantages to hosted web based applications over desktop software for people who lead volunteer programs:
1. Hosted web based applications require little or no IT support. This is important in smaller organizations that have few IT resources, as well as in larger organizations that have IT resources, but where the Volunteer office is often a lower IT priority. With Volgistics there is no software to install, maintain, update, or upgrade; no hassles when you get new computers or a new version of Microsoft Windows; no need to make backups; no database corruption issues; and no software compatibility issues. You spend less time managing technology and more time working toward your organization's mission.
2. Web based applications enable volunteer leaders to leverage the power of the Internet. With Volgistics, you can boost volunteer recruitment through online volunteer opportunity directories and online volunteer application forms; you can communicate easily via email; you can engage volunteers by giving them tools to view and update their schedules, sign-up for vacant schedule openings, update selected parts of their record (such as their email address) view their service histories, and more – all online.
3. You can work from any Internet connected computer, anytime, anywhere. Mobility is often important to a volunteer leader, and web based applications give you the freedom to work where you want to. You can access the system from work, at home, or on the road. Plus, umbrella organizations that have geographically separated volunteer offices can access the system from each location without the need for a "wide-area-network" and without any "wide-area-network" complications, even if their branch office are on the other side of the world.
In 2002 the people at Red Ridge realized the potential advantages of this new software model to volunteer leaders and formed a new division called "Volgistics" to develop the hosted web based Volgistics system. On January 2nd 2004 the Volgistics system opened to a select group of early user organizations, and six months later Volgistics officially opened to all.
What's in the name?
We derived the name Volgistics (pronounced
vol-jis-ticks) from the words "volunteer logistics." Volunteer logistics describes what we do: we help organizations recruit, track, and coordinate volunteers.
The Volgistics service does most of what VolunteerWorks can do, and much more. It is a "hosted" web based service rather than Microsoft Windows software. These are some of the differences between VolunteerWorks and Volgistics:
• VolunteerWorks is software you install on your own computer or network. It requires the Microsoft Windows® operating system. You are responsible for installing and maintaining the software; making backups; protecting your data; and installing updates. With VolunteerWorks, you can only access your volunteer data from computers attached to your organization's network. Data is not easily accessible from outside the volunteer office, and it cannot include any real-time Internet features for supervisors or volunteers. Volunteer data is stored on your computer's hard drive or on a network server.
• Volgistics runs over the Internet. You do not have to install or maintain any software, and you can access the system from any Internet-connected computer in the world, no matter what kind of computer you have (PC or Mac). You use Volgistics through any popular web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Volgistics also includes many supervisor and volunteer accessible Internet features such as the ability for volunteers to check or update their schedules online. There is little or no IT support needed for Volgistics. Volunteer data is stored in a secure Volgistics data center. It does not matter what version of Microsoft Windows you have to use Volgistics.

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