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Volgistics: The next generation of VolunteerWorks.

In 2002 Red Ridge Software Company, maker of VolunteerWorks - the Microsoft Windows® software program used by thousands of volunteer organizations worldwide - created a new division called Volgistics, provider of the innovative web based Volgistics system.

On January 2nd 2004 the Volgistics system opened to a select group of early user organizations, and six months later Volgistics officially opened to all.

In recent years demand by organization for desktop software like VolunteerWorks has been surpassed by demand for the Volgistics web based volunteer management system (learn why here). In response to this evolution the VolunteerWorks software program has entered a retirement phase (learn more about this here). VolunteerWorks software sales, and new VolunteerWorks feature and platform development have been discontinued.

VolunteerWorks support services ended on December 31, 2009, however organizations can get help upgrading from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics. Information about upgrading is available here, and you can ask questions about upgrading to Volgistics here.

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