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Answers to common questions from organizations that currently use VolunteerWorks.

Q. How long can we continue to use VolunteerWorks?
A. Organization may choose to continue using VolunteerWorks as long as they would like, however Volgistics encourages all VolunteerWorks customers to consider the upgrade to Volgistics. The VolunteerWorks software will continue to work on Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 computers indefinitely. Organizations should note that VolunteerWorks was not designed for newer versions of the Windows® operating system, and an upgrade for VolunteerWorks is not planned. Volgistics cannot guarantee that VolunteerWorks will operate, or support operational issues that organizations may encounter if they choose to continue using VolunteerWorks.
You can use Volgistics from computers running any operating system capable of running one of our supported browsers.
Q. How can I be sure my data is secure in Volgistics?
A. Data security is the number one priority at Volgistics. Volgistics uses the same level of network security as online banking services. The Volgistics web site provides detailed information about security, reliability, privacy, and terms of use in the Volgistics Service Agreement.
The Volgistics Service Agreement and security policies have been carefully developed over several years, with input from many organizations and consideration of such standards as HIPPA; to provide customers with widely acceptable foundation for the service.

The Volgistics Service Agreement is available in a PDF document by clicking
Service Agreement
the Service Agreement link on the right, and on the Volgistics web site at
Q. How would I convert my data from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics?
A. Converting your existing volunteer information from VolunteerWorks into Volgistics is easy and free.
You start by opening a free trial account at Volgistics. Once you have a Volgistics account you can copy your volunteer records from VolunteerWorks into Volgistics. Copying your volunteer data into Volgistics will not change the information in your VolunteerWorks database. If you're just testing to see how your data will appear in Volgistics you can continue using VolunteerWorks as usual and then copy your data from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics again later when you're ready to switch.
If you have VolunteerWorks version 3, you can use VolunteerWorks to copy your data to Volgistics yourself whenever you choose, or if you'd prefer, Volgistics can copy it into your Volgistics account for you at no cost (learn more here).
Q. Does Volgistics do everything VolunteerWorks does?
A. Volgistics does just about everything that VolunteerWorks does, and it has some additional features not found in VolunteerWorks.
Q. Does Volgistics look like VolunteerWorks?
A. Although you can perform most of the same functions in Volgistics, it does not look the same as VolunteerWorks.
Here's why:
With Volgistics we've eliminated the need for you to install or maintain any software on your own computer or network. We did this by making Volgistics run through any popular web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Since Volgistics works through your web browser, it has a new streamlined design that loads fast, and has the common web controls (like clickable links) you're used to on the Internet.
Volgistics is a fresh, easy to use approach to managing volunteer information. Although it is based on more than 15 years experience working with volunteer leaders, and the latest in Internet technology: it was been built new from the ground up. This meant not being bound to the same look and design as the VolunteerWorks system.
Q. Do VolunteerWorks and Volgistics work together somehow?
A. Expect for a utility you can use to copy your existing VolunteerWorks data into Volgistics, the two programs are completely separate. They are not intended to work together in any way, and you do not need to have had VolunteerWorks in order to use Volgistics. Except during a transition period you would not use both programs at the same time.
Q. I already know VolunteerWorks. Will I have re-learn everything to use Volgistics?
A. Volgistics looks and works differently than VolunteerWorks, so some new learning will be required. However, by its nature Volgistics is easy to use and its learning curve is gentle. There are also a series of free audio-visual training aids available on the Volgistics web site.
While Volgistics looks different, many of the basic concepts are the same as in VolunteerWorks. An understanding of how VolunteerWorks operates should give you a good head-start with Volgistics (although it's not required). For example, in both applications you open an existing volunteer's record by viewing an alphabetical list of volunteers and then clicking on the name of the volunteer.
Q. Will my VolunteerWorks filters and reports transfer to Volgistics?
A. Volgistics has a completely new report and query system, so there is no way to preserve reports or filters you created in VolunteerWorks. However, most people consider the Volgistics reporting and Sets features very easy to use. Plus, there are a variety of common reports already setup and ready to go in Volgistics.
Q. Can I get the same reports from Volgistics that I get from VolunteerWorks?
A. Many of the Volgistics reports contain similar information and formatting, however they may not look exactly like their VolunteerWorks counterparts.
Q. If I want to move from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics, what about my year end reports?
A. Since you can convert the information you already have in VolunteerWorks into Volgistics, you can make the move to Volgistics anytime during the year and then print your year-end reports from Volgistics. If you prefer, you can also complete the current year in VolunteerWorks, and then begin using Volgistics at the beginning of a new year.
Q. If we used VIC with VolunteerWorks, can I use the same touch screen with VicTouch?
A. Yes. If you use the VolunteerWorks VIC module now, you'll be able to use the same touch screen monitor and PC for VicTouch and Volgistics. Simply configure your old Vic workstation for VicTouch.
Q. Can I try Volgistics first?
A. Yes. Organizations that use VolunteerWorks are welcome to sign-up for a Volgistics free trial. You can convert up to 50 volunteer records from your VolunteerWorks database into your trial Volgistics account to see how it works. Then if you choose to use Volgistics, you
can clear the test records from your trial account, upgrade to a paid account, and then convert all of your volunteer records from VolunteerWorks.
Click Free Trial to get started.
Q. How does the cost of Volgistics compare to the cost of VolunteerWorks?
A. Comparing the cost of VolunteerWorks to Volgistics is not a simple "apples to apples" comparison.
  • Volgistics includes more capabilities and a different kind of technology.
  • There are no up-front costs associated with Volgistics as there are with VolunteerWorks. There is no software to buy or start-up cost for Volgistics. All you pay is the monthly service fee and you can cancel at any time.
  • Volgistics includes unlimited online access for you and your volunteers; VolunteerWorks does not.
  • Volgistics requires little or no IT support from your organization. While this may not impact the volunteer department's budget directly, it is a cost savings for your organization.
Rather than purchasing software and then paying an annual support service fee, you pay a monthly service fee to use Volgistics. The service fee varies depending on the number of volunteer records you want to track; the number of system operators you need; and if you use the optional VicNet or VicTouch modules. This includes unlimited online support as well as system updates which are installed automatically by Volgistics.
Organizations can determine what their actual monthly service fee would be here.

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