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Your existing volunteer information moves directly from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics.

Once you have a Volgistics account you can convert your volunteer records from VolunteerWorks into Volgistics. Converting your volunteer data into Volgistics will not change the information in your VolunteerWorks database. If you're just testing to see how your data will appear in Volgistics you can continue using VolunteerWorks as usual and then convert your data from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics again later when you're ready to switch. Volgistics offers free tiral accounts that you can convert your data into for testing purposes.

If you have VolunteerWorks version 3, you can use VolunteerWorks to convert your data to Volgistics yourself whenever you choose, or if you'd prefer (or you have a version of VolunteerWorks that's older than version 3), Volgistics can convert it into your Volgistics account for you at no cost.
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Questions and Answers about converting
Q. If I convert my VolunteerWorks data into Volgistics, can I later move it back to VolunteerWorks?

A. There is not a data conversion utility that moves data from Volgistics into VolunteerWorks. For this reason you should determine that Volgistics suits your needs before you convert from VolunteerWorks and begin using Volgistics. Volgistics trial accounts are free, and you can run a test conversion of your VolunteerWorks data into your Volgistics trial account to see how things work before you decide to make the switch.

Q. Will my VolunteerWorks filters and reports transfer to Volgistics?

A. Volgistics has a completely new report and query system, so there is no way to preserve reports or filters you created in VolunteerWorks. However, most people consider the Volgistics reporting and Sets features very easy to use. Plus, there are a variety of common reports already setup and ready to go in Volgistics.

Q. If I want to move from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics, what about my year end reports?

A. Since you can convert the information you already have in VolunteerWorks into Volgistics, you can make the move to Volgistics anytime during the year and then print your year-end reports from Volgistics.

You can also complete the current year in VolunteerWorks, and then begin using Volgistics at the beginning of a new year.

Q. I do not have a "Volgistics Conversion Utility" option on the Internet menu in VolunteerWorks. What should I do.

A. First, be sure you are using VolunteerWorks Version 3. Start VolunteerWorks and look at the Version number in the VolunteerWorks login box.

If you're using Version 3 you should apply a free VolunteerWorks version 3 update to get the conversion utility. Click here to obtain the free VolunteerWorks version 3 update.

Q. What if I have a version of VolunteerWorks that is older than Version 3?

A. The VolunteerWorks to Volgistics conversion utility is available to organizations that have VolunteerWorks version 3. Data from VolunteerWorks systems older than Version 3 can be converted by the Volgistics team at no cost. Just follow the steps here for sending your VolunteerWorks data for conversion.

Q. The VolunteerWorks conversion utility appears to start but never reports any progress. What should I do?

A. While the conversion is running from VolunteerWorks you should see a series of progress messages on the screen. If you don't see any progress messages there may have been an Internet connection issue.

Check to be sure you can visit www.volgistics.com from the computer where you're running the conversion. If you cannot connect to www.volgistics.com contact your ISP or network administrator.

If your organization uses a firewall, check with the person who maintains the firewall to be sure it does not prevent you from making SSL connections to https://www.volgistics.com.

These steps may also resolve connection issues:

1. Choose Volgistics Conversion Utility from the Internet menu in VolunteerWorks.

2. Click Start.

3. Click the Connection settings button. This opens the Internet connections settings window.

4. Change the state of the 'Use Windows Internet connection settings' checkbox (if it is currently checked, uncheck it; if it is not currently checked, check it).

5. Click Save to save your settings.

Try the conversion again.

If you continue to experience a connection issue there may be a firewall or proxy server that prevents an SSL connection from the conversion utility. Although it may be somewhat less secure than using an SSL connection, your can turn off SSL like this:

1. Choose Volgistics Conversion Utility from the Internet menu in VolunteerWorks.

2. Click Start.

3. Click the Connection settings button. This opens the Internet connections settings window.

4. Uncheck "Use secure connections (SSL)."

5. Click Save to save your settings.

If these steps do not resolve the problem consider asking Volgistics to run your VolunteerWorks conversion for you.

Q. Can I re-run the VolunteerWorks conversion into a Volgistics account that I converted data from VolunteerWorks into previously?

A. While we always recommend converting data from VolunteerWorks into an "empty" Volgistics account, you can re-run the conversion again the same way you originally ran it without first clearing your Volgistics account.

If you do this, any new data you added to VolunteerWorks since you last converted your VolunteerWorks data will be added into your Volgistics account. This will include any new volunteer records you've added, as well as any new hour records you've added to VolunteerWorks. However you will see these "side-effects" if you do this:

1. Any records or look-up table items that you may have deleted in Volgistics since you last converted from VolunteerWorks will re-appear in Volgistics after you re-run the conversion. Basically, the conversion makes sure that your Volgistics account has everything that is currently in VolunteerWorks, without duplicating any records you converted the last time you ran the conversion.

For example, if you deleted an assignment called "ABC" from your Volgistics account, but that assignment still exists in VolunteerWorks, then your Volgistics account will again have an assignment called "ABC" after you re-run the conversion from VolunteerWorks.

2. If you've changed any volunteer PIN numbers in Volgistics (but not in VolunteerWorks), the conversion will add a new volunteer record in Volgistics for that volunteer with the original PIN number that appears in VolunteerWorks. So if you've changed the PIN number in any volunteer records that were converted previously, you'll end up with a duplicate copy of that volunteer record when you re-run the conversion if the volunteer's PIN number is no longer the same in VolunteerWorks.

As long as you can live with these side-effects you can simply re-run the conversion from VolunteerWorks to get the new data you've added to VolunteerWorks.

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